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FAQ Nose / Sinus

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  • Are headaches strictly allergy and sinus headaches?

    Certainly in the Dallas area with our high incidence of allergies we do see patients suffering from chronic nose and sinus congestion with associated headaches. However, there are many different causes of headaches and one can have additional types of headaches as well. For instance, it is not uncommon for people to have ocular migraine headaches worsened by their chronic sinus headaches. People may also have tension headaches associated with the above. Headaches from hypertension and other medical conditions are also things to consider.
  • What can I do about my nasal breathing problems?

    We listen and talk to the patient about his/her concerns. The cause of obstruction can be due to swelling of nasal tissues, infection, or a mechanical obstruction due to displaced bone or cartilage. Often, nasal obstruction can be relieved by medicine or allergy treatment. If the problem is mechanical obstruction, however, surgery often offers the fastest and surest road to recovery. Surgery can involve straightening out the nasal septum and enlarging the nasal airway. Nasal surgery is most often a day surgery and no hospitalization is required.
  • How do you evaluate for chronic sinus problems?

    Often, a patient’s history gives us the best clue as to the nature of the problem. Patients who suffer from nasal discharge, sinus pressure and pain for more than 12 weeks out of the year, may be suffering from chronic sinusitis. These patients deserve a thorough sinus evaluation. This evaluation often includes nasal endoscopy, allergy evaluation, and CT scan of the sinuses. Treatment can vary from medical regimens to surgery.
  • Do I need packing in my nose after sinus surgery?

    Usually nasal sinus surgery can be done without packing the nose. Packing the nose has been a source of major discomfort.
  • Do I have to stay in the hospital if I have sinus surgery or to have my tonsils out?

    Both can be safely done in an outpatient environment without a hospital stay.