3 Differences Between a Cold and Allergies

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you have a runny nose, a cough, and a sneeze? You probably think that you have a cold, but allergies share the same symptoms. It is important to understand how a cold and allergies are different, so you can properly treat your symptoms.

If it is allergies, you should schedule an appointment with a doctor. An ear, nose, and throat doctor is recommended if you are looking for an allergy doctor in McKinney. Below are the differences between allergies and a cold, so you know the next time you show symptoms which one it is.

The Difference of Symptoms

Allergies and colds have some of the same symptoms, but there are some key ones that will make knowing the difference easier. Colds often cause body aches, pains, and a fever, unlike allergies. Sore throats are also a symptom that is common with colds, but not with allergies.

Seasonal allergies can result in itchy eyes, which is not a common symptom of a cold. Other allergies, such as mold or food allergies, can cause rashes and wheezing. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you most likely have allergies and should schedule an appointment with your ENT doctor in McKinney to receive a diagnosis. Your doctor will be able to confirm if you have allergies and figure out which treatment options work for you.

The Time of the Year

You probably associate getting cold in the winter, which is the time of year when colds are more common. It is possible to catch a cold during other seasons, but it is more likely to happen in the chillier months. When you start noticing symptoms you should try to remember the last time you had the same symptoms.

If the last time you were feeling sick was in the winter, it is most likely a cold both times. If you have been noticing the symptoms when the seasons change into warmer months with pollen, you most likely have seasonal allergies. If you notice that allergy symptoms occur frequently throughout the year, you most likely have allergies to something that is in your environment or food. ENT doctors will be able to provide testing to see exactly what you are allergic to so you can know how to prevent future flare-ups.

The Duration of Your Symptoms

When you catch a cold you may notice some symptoms initially. These symptoms slowly become worse, and others may form. This is different from allergies, which begin almost instantly after you come in contact with the allergen.

The duration of the symptoms is also very different. Colds typically go away with treatment after about a week, whereas allergies do not go away without proper treatment. Per year, there is only about a 1% chance that allergic rhinitis or asthma can go away on its own without treatment. To be able to get allergy relief, an ENT doctor in McKinney is trained to help diagnose and treat you.

Once you are able to spot the difference between a common cold and allergies, you will know the next step to take for proper treatment. Ear, nose, and throat doctors are ready to help you feel your best and prevent allergy symptoms.

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