Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

At Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of Texas, P.A., our physicians use endoscopic sinus surgery to find, visualize and treat sinus issues without requiring any external incisions. Using a thin, flexible fiber-optic device, we can access the sinus cavity and perform the required treatments. This approach is far less invasive than traditional sinus surgery and our McKinney, Frisco and Plano sinus surgery patients report very little discomfort both during and after their endoscopic sinus surgery treatments. An added benefit of endoscopic sinus surgery is that there is no external scarring since no incisions are needed.

Who Is A Candidate for Endoscopic Sinus Surgery?

You may be a candidate for endoscopic sinus surgery if you suffer from chronic sinus infections, inflammation caused by a blocked sinus passageway, or any number of sinus related ailments. Endoscopic sinus surgery is capable of providing relief for multiple sinus issues, including recurrent infections, congestion, headaches, facial pressure, and obstruction.

What is Possible with Endoscopic Sinus Surgery?

Whenever we treat a McKinney, Plano or Frisco endoscopic sinus surgery patient, our goal is to first identify what is causing the sinus discomfort, whether it be through reduced airflow, poor drainage or obstruction. Once we’ve identified the problem, we correct the problem in the least invasive manner possible. Generally, our Dallas area sinus surgery patients have improved breathing and a decrease in the recurrence of sinus infections. Problems created by a past trauma to the nasal structure such as a broken nose or deviated septum can sometimes be resolved with endoscopic sinus surgery.

How to Get Started

To find out if you are candidate, simply schedule a consultation with us at Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of Texas, P.A. Our board certified staff has been helping Dallas area endoscopic sinus surgery patients for many years and we’re confident we can help you, too!

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