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A Short Guide to Bell’s Palsy

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Suffering from Bell’s Palsy can be a scary thing, but it’s worth remembering that as long as you go to an ENT (ears, nose, and throat) doctor as soon as you begin to notice symptoms, then you will likely be able to recover between two weeks and six months from the initial onset of symptoms. ENT doctors specialize in issues like Bell’s Palsy. However, it’s worth knowing something about this condition before being diagnosed.

What is Bell’s Palsy?

Bell’s Palsy is an issue with the nerves in one’s face, which cause the facial muscles to be weakened and even suffer from temporary paralysis. This can cause issues, like a stiff or a drooping face. Symptoms like this should be treated as soon as possible by a doctor. Bell’s Palsy is considered rare, with only around 200,000 cases a year, but it is treatable.

What are the Symptoms of Bell’s Palsy?

There is rarely a slow build-up of symptoms to warn you that issues with Bell’s Palsy are coming. Rather, they rapidly appear. These symptoms include drooling that the sufferer can not control, difficulty chewing food, an inability to make facial expressions, and a drooping face. There are also other symptoms, which could be a part of a much broader spectrum of issues. These include headaches, dry mouth, and issues with hearing.

How Does Bell’s Palsy Develop?

Typically, Bell’s Palsy develops as a result of another condition such as a cold or infection. However, viruses and bacterial issues such as HIV and Lyme Disease have been linked to Bell’s Palsy as well. There are other underlying conditions that can contribute to Bell’s Palsy, as well. Some of these conditions include diabetes, which can increase a person’s risk f developing Bell’s Palsy.

Of course, there are more issues that are related to these symptoms than just Bell’s Palsy. If you’re suffering from and of the symptoms listed above or fear that you’re at a high risk of developing Bell’s Palsy, you should seek medical attention from ENT doctors are as soon as possible so you can receive proper diagnosis and treatment. An ear nose and throat doctor is a trained professional in their field, and it’s best to rely on their expert advice than to ignore Bell’s Palsy or try and treat it through an at-home or do it yourself solution, which could only make the issues you’re experiencing worse.

Going to ENT doctors at the first sign of Bell’s Palsy symptoms is one of the most important things you can do. Even though Bell’s Palsy is very treatable, early diagnosis and treatment plan could save you a lot of grief later on. By seeing an ENT, you avoid further complications that could arise and you’ll be on the path to recovery much more quickly.

3 Signs You May Have Swimmer’s Ear

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Earning its name from one of the common ways that you can get it, water entering the ear canal while swimming, swimmer’s ear is actually an infection of the outer ear. Though irritating and at times painful, swimmer’s ear is also treatable with assistance from ear nose and throat doctors. So, it’s important to seek medical assistance from an ear nose and throat (ENT) doctor if you’re concerned that you may be suffering from this infection.

Here are three warning signs that you might just have swimmer’s ear.

Ear Irritation

Just like most infections, you’ll notice that your ear is irritated first in the case of swimmer’s ear. This includes redness around the irritated area, which may also be itchy and painful. This irritation will primarily be within the canal of your ear, and not on the lobe or outer ear. With that being said, pulling on the outer ear and having pain within the ear canal is exacerbated is another symptom of swimmer’s ear.

With these symptoms you should be in contact with a doctor, preferably an ENT doctor.

Drainage from the Ear

Another symptom of swimmer’s ear is drainage in the ear canal. This is a progression from mild symptoms like irritation, and you should schedule an appointment with an ENT immediately. This drainage is an odorless, clear liquid and can range from very mild to heavy. Typically, when the drainage becomes heavy it is a sign that the infection is worsening. This liquid drainage is associated with another symptom, a feeling of fullness in the ear. This fullness or blockage can then lead to having trouble hearing out of the affected ear.

Fever and Ear Pain

Once you have hit this point, most ear nose and throat doctors would recommend going to the emergency room. That’s because if the pain becomes severe or fever develops you may be experiencing a severe infection. This is why you want to take care of swimmer’s ear at the early signs of infection. After all, ENT doctors are well equipped to handle this type of infection if caught early. Letting it affect your health to such an extreme that you’d develop an infection is unnecessary.

As long as you’re treated properly by ear nose and throat doctors, swimmer’s ear is not a major issue and will clear up in about a week. However, if ignored it can become a much larger issue than it needed to be. That is why it important to be aware of the symptoms and seek out an ENT doctor’s advice.

3 Differences Between a Cold and Allergies

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you have a runny nose, a cough, and a sneeze? You probably think that you have a cold, but allergies share the same symptoms. It is important to understand how a cold and allergies are different, so you can properly treat your symptoms.

If it is allergies, you should schedule an appointment with a doctor. An ear, nose, and throat doctor is recommended if you are looking for an allergy doctor in McKinney. Below are the differences between allergies and a cold, so you know the next time you show symptoms which one it is.

The Difference of Symptoms

Allergies and colds have some of the same symptoms, but there are some key ones that will make knowing the difference easier. Colds often cause body aches, pains, and a fever, unlike allergies. Sore throats are also a symptom that is common with colds, but not with allergies.

Seasonal allergies can result in itchy eyes, which is not a common symptom of a cold. Other allergies, such as mold or food allergies, can cause rashes and wheezing. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you most likely have allergies and should schedule an appointment with your ENT doctor in McKinney to receive a diagnosis. Your doctor will be able to confirm if you have allergies and figure out which treatment options work for you.

The Time of the Year

You probably associate getting cold in the winter, which is the time of year when colds are more common. It is possible to catch a cold during other seasons, but it is more likely to happen in the chillier months. When you start noticing symptoms you should try to remember the last time you had the same symptoms.

If the last time you were feeling sick was in the winter, it is most likely a cold both times. If you have been noticing the symptoms when the seasons change into warmer months with pollen, you most likely have seasonal allergies. If you notice that allergy symptoms occur frequently throughout the year, you most likely have allergies to something that is in your environment or food. ENT doctors will be able to provide testing to see exactly what you are allergic to so you can know how to prevent future flare-ups.

The Duration of Your Symptoms

When you catch a cold you may notice some symptoms initially. These symptoms slowly become worse, and others may form. This is different from allergies, which begin almost instantly after you come in contact with the allergen.

The duration of the symptoms is also very different. Colds typically go away with treatment after about a week, whereas allergies do not go away without proper treatment. Per year, there is only about a 1% chance that allergic rhinitis or asthma can go away on its own without treatment. To be able to get allergy relief, an ENT doctor in McKinney is trained to help diagnose and treat you.

Once you are able to spot the difference between a common cold and allergies, you will know the next step to take for proper treatment. Ear, nose, and throat doctors are ready to help you feel your best and prevent allergy symptoms.

How an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor Can Help You and Your Family Stay Healthy

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An ear nose and throat doctor will be there to help you and your loved ones in a time of need. Problems with the ear nose and throat can be scary and tough to deal with for a number of different reasons. By making sure that you are able to keep up on the health of these areas, you can give yourself some much-needed confidence and assurance. Whether you just so happen to be searching for doctors in McKinney or anywhere else, the importance of finding the right one can never be underestimated. Here are just a few ways in which an ear nose and throat doctor can help keep you and the rest of your family members stay safe and healthy.

Ear Nose and Throat Doctors Can Detect Problems and Prevent Them from Getting Any Worse

When it comes to all the different kinds of health problems that you and your family members may happen to encounter, ear nose, and throat issues can be particularly tough if they are not caught in time. Many of these issues only worsen without a quick and accurate diagnosis from a doctor. With regular visits to the right ear nose and throat doctors, you can ensure that these issues will not be allowed to get any worse than they have to be. For example, did you know that Meniere disease is typically seen in people in their 40s and 50s, but anyone of any age can exhibit symptoms of it? An ear nose and throat doctor can not only diagnose an issue once they see it, but they can also get to work on issuing the correct treatment plan that will serve to minimize the kind of damage that can cause even more problems down the line.

Ear Nose and Throat Doctors Will Be Able to Get You Specialized Care When Needed

Treating issues that can come up in sensitive areas in the body often require some special and unique treatment solutions. Problems with the ear nose and throat are quite sensitive in nature, and because of this, it is a good idea to make sure that you have the right doctors working for you on your side. When an ear nose and throat doctor is working with you and your family members, they will be able to get you the kind of unique and specialized care that you may need to take care of issues in sensitive areas of the body such as the ear nose and throat.

An Ear Nose and Throat Doctor Can Help You Save Money on Your Medical Bills

While many people are often worried about the costs that may be associated with the thought of beginning to search for doctors in McKinney and elsewhere, it can help to know that the right doctor will be able to save you money over time. As with many other things in life, going for the first and least expensive option is often only a way to financial ruin. The same concept applies to find a doctor. A cheap doctor may end up seeming attractive at first glance, but they can actually end up costing you much more down the line. By making sure that you invest in the right ear nose and throat doctor for both you and the rest of your family members, you can be sure that you are making the right moves not only for your continued health but also for your wallet.

At Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates of Texas, PA our team of professional, experienced is here whether you happen to be searching for doctors in McKinney TX or doctors in Plano TX. Our staff is ready to answer any questions that you and your loved ones may have as you search for the ideal doctors in McKinney. With a range of different medical services available, our ENT doctors will do our best to make sure that the needs of both you and the rest of your family members are taken care of from the moment you step foot inside of our office, to the moment you step back outside into the world. To learn a bit more information about how we can be of service to you and your family, contact us today.

Signs of Swimmer’s Ear and When to See a Doctor

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Swimmer’s ear is an infection when water becomes trapped in the ear. This is a common condition and can last up to three weeks, and it affects the entire ear canal. A doctor in Plano will like to diagnose this condition based on your symptoms along with an office exam. The following are signs of swimmer’s ear and what happens when you see your doctor in Plano. Swimmer’s ear painful, especially with movement on the outside of the ear. Some drainage also occurs with swimmer’s ear.

Symptoms of Swimmer’s Ear

Ear pain is the first symptom associated with swimmer’s ear. It can worsen when the outer ear is pressed on. Other symptoms include difficulty chewing without pain and itching of the ear canal. To alleviate this pain before visiting a doctor in Plano, you can use a warm compress, which assists in the loosening of congestion and for pain relief. Soak a washcloth in warm water, fold it, and place it on the ear for 10 to 15 minutes. A heating pad is also helpful to ease the pain caused by swimmer’s ear.

What the Doctor Will Look At

When you visit your ent doctor, they will look into your ear canal with a lighted instrument called an otoscope. The appearance of your ear canal might appear red, swollen, and scaly. There might be skin flakes and debris present, as well as tenderness. The doctor will also check to make sure that your eardrum isn’t damaged. A swimmer’s ear diagnosis can usually determined during the office visit with your ear nose and throat doctor. If the swimmer’s ear is not treated, it can lead to other issues such as hearing loss if the ear canal is inflamed. The hearing returns if the infection is treated, however. Since the swimmer’s ear usually occurs in the ear canal, and antibiotic ear drops can help with recovery. Sometimes, your doctor in Plano may prescribe antibiotic drops along with steroids to reduce ear canal swelling.

Recovery Time

Swimmer’s ear will start to improve within two days of beginning treatment. Typically, the swimmer’s ear completely clears up within seven to 10 days. It’s important to visit a doctor in Plano right away should you start to feel symptoms, as you don’t want to develop long-term swimmer’s ear and to avoid hearing loss.

Should you feel you have swimmer’s ear, it’s important to contact your doctor in Plano immediately. If you should have severe pain or fever with this condition, it’s best to get to an emergency room. Swimmer’s ear is very treatable when caught early, so if you experience the above symptoms, be sure to consult a physician.

4 Tips For Choosing an ENT Doctor

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Approximately 15% of adults have some trouble with their hearing. If you’re suffering issues with hearing loss, you may want to consult with an ear nose and throat doctor. An ENT doctor can diagnose the problem and offer treatment recommendations that are ideal for you. Here are four tips for choosing ear nose and throat doctors in Plano.

doctors in Plano

Get Referrals

To find excellent ENT doctors in Plano, you may first want to ask your primary doctor for referrals. You can also ask friends and family for any recommendations. Before scheduling any consultation, take the time to research the doctor’s credentials and experience. You can check out online review sites and the Better Business Bureau to read any past complaints from previous clients. When you’ve narrowed down your options, schedule consultations to interview the ENT doctors to determine which is the best for you.

Ask About Telehealth Services

Telehealth gives a patient the ability to speak with an ENT doctor while in the comfort of their home. Appointments can be done by phone or computer. Ongoing symptoms can be discussed and treated during these convenient virtual visits. This can be ideal for patients struggling with transportation or mobility issues.

Check Your Insurance Policy

You may want to consult with your insurance provider when looking for ENT doctors in Plano. Your insurance company has a list of network ear nose and throat doctors who participate in your plan and provide lower-cost services. When you contact your insurance company, also ask about relevant services and costs under your plan. This can help you avoid any surprise out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Support Services

When looking for an ENT doctor, you may want to consider one who offers a variety of support services. There should be an audiologist on staff to perform hearing tests. The doctor’s office should also be affiliated with a surgical center for easy access to critical medical procedures. If you have children who need care, the ENT should offer child-friendly diagnostic and treatment services.

If you’re looking for an ENT in McKinney, you may want to reach out to our professionals at Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of Texas. We offer comprehensive adult and pediatric medical care for illnesses of the neck and head. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What Is Swimmer’s Ear and When Should You See an ENT?

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In normal cases, swimmer’s ear will clear up within one week or ten days. However, there are certain times when the condition may persist and cause more pain and discomfort. When you feel that the pain is abnormally excessive, you should see an ENT in Frisco for swimmer’s ears treatment. An ENT doctor will recommend the best treatment plan for the condition and help prevent other adverse ear complications.

What Is Swimmer’s Ear?

Swimmer’s ear is an infection in the ear canal that occurs when the ear is exposed to excessive water. As the name suggests, swimmer’s ear is mostly caused by spending a lot of time in the water, but you can also get it while outdoors. Frequent exposure to strong winds and rain may also cause swimmer’s ears. While swimming, some water gets into the ears and makes them moist and damp, especially when it is trapped in the ear for a long time. This gives room for bacteria to grow in the ear and cause an infection to the ear canal.

Typically, the ear relies on earwax to protect it from bacteria. However, when the earwax is wiped off by the excess water, it is unable to function properly. Therefore, bacteria easily enters your ear and causes an infection. This infection is what is widely known as swimmer’s ear, although the medical term is acute diffuse external otitis.

Are There Other Causes of Swimmer’s Ear?

Swimming or long exposure to water is not the only cause of swimmer’s ear. People who spend most of their time outdoors, such as farmers, are at risk of getting the infection. Additionally, scratching the ear canal with a cotton swab may also result in swimmer’s ear. When you are cleaning your ear using a cotton swab, pen caps, hairpins, or fingers, you might scratch the skin or rub away the protective earwax. This creates a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive.

Having an existing skin condition such as psoriasis, acne, or eczema also causes swimmer’s ear. Having a small ear canal, wearing a swim cap, and long-usage of a hearing aid may also cause swimmer’s ear. An ENT in Frisco is best suited to detect and treat swimmer’s ear at the early stages. Ear nose and throat doctors recommend that you avoid the conditions and places that are likely to cause swimmer’s ear.

Signs and Symptoms of Swimmer’s Ear

When you visit an ENT in Frisco, the ENT doctor will check for certain symptoms to ascertain if you are suffering from swimmer’s ear or other ear complications. Using an otoscope, the ear nose and throat doctor will check for inflammation, scratches on the eardrum, redness, and scaly skin. Additionally, your doctor will ask if you are experiencing constant earache, ear drainage, muffled hearing, and also if you’re feeling like your ear is stuffed. It is advisable not to self-diagnose and instead have an ENT in Frisco check your ear out because the signs may be indicative of other more serious ear complications.

Treatment for Swimmer’s Ear

If you suspect that you have swimmer’s ear, don’t worry over undergoing painful and complicated treatments, as the infection is easily treatable. Upon diagnosing and confirming that you indeed have swimmer’s ear, your ENT in Frisco will decide the best treatment option. While some people may be tempted to self-diagnose using over-the-counter drugs, you should avoid following that path. Why put your health at risk, while you could visit an ENT in Frisco and get the right treatment?

ENT doctors are specially trained to treat any complications on the ear, nose, and throat. Our eardrums are so delicate that any foreign intrusion may cause heavy damage to them. That is why an ENT in Frisco takes time to examine the ear, to prevent more complications. For the most part, swimmer’s ear is easily treated. However, it takes an experienced ENT in Frisco to ascertain that the infection will not result in further damages to the ear.

Reduce Symptoms This Allergy Season

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Climate change and increased air pollution do not bode well for the staggering 50 million U.S. men and women who suffer from allergies. According to Spoon University, climate change worsens seasonal allergies in a few key ways:

  • Winter is getting shorter. Spring starts earlier and lasts longer. That means pollen season starts earlier and lasts longer, too.
  • Increased carbon dioxide from cars and tightly packed cities stimulates pollen production.
  • Air pollutant creates irritants that make it easier for pollen to enter our airways and nasal passages.

With allergy season growing worse year after year, Texas allergy suffers may be wondering: what can I do? Thankfully, there are several ways to keep symptoms at bay. Follow these steps to lessen the severity of seasonal allergies.

Plan Outdoor Exercise Accordingly

“Early morning (between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m.) is prime time for the highest pollen counts,” pediatrician Tanya Altmann tells Parents. In other words, reschedule that early morning run or bike ride later in the day — perhaps after work when pollen counts are comparatively low.

If you can manage it, it is also wise to plan exercise around the weather. Expect high pollen counts — as well as an abundance of other allergens — on dry and windy or especially humid days. By contrast, it is best to exercise outside right after it rains or during a pleasantly light rain. Rain helps clear the air, making it relatively free of allergens.

Finally, make adjustments as necessary. If pollen counts are especially high or the weather comes along with unfavorable conditions, exercise inside. Run on the treadmill or pull out your stationary bike. If you wish to exercise outdoors, opt for low-intensity exercise. Go for a walk, or set up a yoga mat in the backyard and do yoga or stretches instead.

Be Extra Particular About Cleaning Your Home

Ear nose and throat doctors — or an ENT in McKinney, Texas — can certainly help if your allergies become unbearable. First, it is wise to consider preventative recommendations, like being extra thorough about cleaning.

If possible, keep carpeting and area rugs to a minimum. If they are must-have fixtures in your home, make sure to regularly clean them with a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA-certified filter. That will prevent dust and particles from escaping as you vacuum. Even then, it is best to clean vacuum bags or canisters well before they fill up with dust and debris.

Wash bedding frequently. Remember, you spend hours in bed every night and potentially inhale any particles lingering on linens.

Finally, do not forget to scrub the bathroom. Left unchecked, the bathroom provides the ideal conditions for mold and mildew to grow. Mold and mildew spores will inevitably aggravate allergies. Prevent this from happening by regularly scrubbing sinks, tubs, and toilets. Use bleach-based cleaners or a diluted bleach solution to kill germs.

Air Out Materials And Objects That Trap Allergens

Cleaning may not be enough. Between trips to see an ENT in McKinney, Texas, keep allergies at bay by airing out any items or materials that trap allergens. Take off shoes, sneakers, and boots and leave them at the front door or in the garage. “New furnishings, rugs, and certain paints can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, which end up irritating your airways,” writes. If any of these new purchases come in a box, plastic, or tightly wound up or sealed, unpackage and unfurl them and let them air out for several hours.

When Is It Time To See A Doctor?

If your allergies are only getting worse and affecting your overall quality of life, it may be time to make an appointment with the nearest allergist or ENT in McKinney. An ENT in McKinney can test for specific allergies, help you develop a preventative care plan, and prescribe tablets, allergy shots, and/or immunotherapy to help wrangle your allergy symptoms into submission.

Preventative actions help, but do not suffer needlessly! Do what you can to minimize allergy symptoms and if symptoms continue to persist or get worse and worse in spite of your efforts, contact a trusted medical care professional.

Have These 3 Problems? Give Your ENT Doctor a Call!

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Things are certainly scary right now. There are so many unknowns and the world looks completely different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the coronavirus isn’t the only health concern that people have to be on the lookout for during these times.

Your health needs to remain your number one priority at all times — and that means paying attention to every part of your body. About 15% of adults ages 18 and older have some form of trouble hearing. These issues could be harmless and temporary. But they could be severe and lead to permanent damage, as well. That’s where ENT doctors come into play.

An ENT in Plano, Texas can help you identify what is bothering you, offer next steps, and help you get back to living a comfortable and care-free life. Whether you’re under quarantine or not, you should always be monitoring your ears, nose, and throat. Here are a few times you should consult with an ENT in Plano — either in person or online:

  • Allergies getting unmanageable — Virtually everyone is allergic to something, but they are typically quite manageable. A sniffle here or there or maybe a sore throat for most people. However, for some, allergies can be a serious issue. If you notice your allergies are much more severe than you’re used to, it might be a good idea to consult with an ENT specialist.
  • Severe sinus pain — If you are experiencing intense pain in your face, teeth, or in ears, you should contact an ENT specialist right away.
  • Airway blockagaes — If you believe you’re suffering from a deviated septum, some kind of viral infection, or have noticed the development of polyps, you should contact an ENT professional right away. These doctors will be able to pinpoint the exact issue and help clear your obstructed airway and get back to feeling good!

If you want to learn more about how an ENT in Plano can help address your health concerns, contact Ear Nose and Throat Associates of Texas, P.A. right away!

When Should You Visit an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor?

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Healthcare can be quite a confusing subject for most people. It’s unfortunate, too. If a lot of people were able to have greater clarity on their personal health and their medical professionals, the world would be a whole lot better off. When it comes to handling health problems with the ear, nose, and throat, it’s important to seek out the help of doctors who specialize in treating these areas. But how can you know when it’s time to visit such a doctor? Here’s our simple list of a few signs that it may be time to see an ENT doctor.

You’ve lost your voice

We’ve all been there before. You go to a loud concert, party, or celebration and you’re yelling all night long. You wake up the next day with a scratchy throat and a sore, thin voice. While this can certainly heal up and go away on its own, you should be cautious any time you happen to lose your voice. While this problem can certainly be the result of lifestyle choices and behaviors, there are some instances where losing your voice can actually be quite damaging to your throat and vocal cords. If you find that your voice simply does not seem to be coming back in time, then it’s a good idea to visit a doctor who specializes in healing the ear, nose, and throat. It’s never a bad idea to play it safe when it comes to your voice, as even one neglected symptom can lead to further damage.

You have noticed a sense of loss of hearing

It’s common for people to lose their hearing over time. As a matter of fact, did you know that one in four people in the U.S. 65 and older struggle with disabling hearing loss? Our sense of hearing is one that is difficult to retain. Despite your best efforts, once your hearing is lost, it’s nearly impossible to get back. For this reason, it’s prudent to be quite aware of any problems with hearing loss that you notice. As soon as you think you may have hearing issues, you should seek out the help and advice of a specialized medical professional. The right ENT doctor can perform a full assessment of your hearing loss and get you started on making the right lifestyle changes to avoid further hearing loss and preserve your current levels of hearing.

You’re having issues that won’t seem to go away

If you’ve given your symptoms some time to heal on their own, but it seems like they just won’t go away, then it’s usually a wise idea to visit an ear nose and throat doctor. Why? Well, even though certain symptoms may be easy to treat and take care of, other symptoms could be signs of deeper, underlying issues with your health. Unfortunately, you can never really know which is which until you consult with a doctor who has specialized expertise in dealing with problems in the ear nose and throat. Sure, it may be alluring to wait around for your symptoms to simply go away on their own, but a lot of times this can be quite dangerous. If there is a more serious issue that is causing you trouble, then acting fast is the best way to ensure your health remains in good condition. The next time you or a member of your family is having symptoms with the ear nose or throat that just won’t seem to go away, make sure you go visit a specialized doctor right away.

At Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates of Texas, PA we are here to help you and your family members with any medical concerns that you may have. With a team full of experienced ear nose and throat doctors, there’s just about nothing that we haven’t seen. Whether you’re dealing with swimmer’s ear, a sore throat, or sinus issues, our team of specialists is here to offer you the precise medical attention that you and your family deserve. Are you interested in finding out some more information on the range of services that our team provides? Are you looking to get started by scheduling your first appointment? Great! All you have to do is reach out and get in touch with a member of our staff today. We can’t wait to see you!