A Short Guide to Bell’s Palsy

Suffering from Bell’s Palsy can be a scary thing, but it’s worth remembering that as long as you go to an ENT (ears, nose, and

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3 Signs You May Have Swimmer’s Ear

Earning its name from one of the common ways that you can get it, water entering the ear canal while swimming, swimmer’s ear is actually

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4 Tips For Choosing an ENT Doctor

Approximately 15% of adults have some trouble with their hearing. If you’re suffering issues with hearing loss, you may want to consult with an ear

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Reduce Symptoms This Allergy Season

Climate change and increased air pollution do not bode well for the staggering 50 million U.S. men and women who suffer from allergies. According to

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When To See An ENT

Our five senses help us navigate the world around us. When one of these senses isn’t working properly, it can greatly diminish our quality of

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What You Need to Know about Swimmer’s Ear

Typically, an ENT doctor focuses on disorders that settle around the ear, nose, and throat area. By extension, they can handle conditions relating to surrounding