Tips for Preventing Hearing Loss, Regardless of Your Age

Hearing loss is a difficult problem to deal with. Even worse is the fact that so many people think hearing loss only happens when you’re old. Hearing loss takes place slowly over the course of a lifetime. Thankfully, with the proper measures and precautions in place, you can do your part to decrease and prevent hearing loss.

Use earplugs and other forms of hearing protection

Most people only think to use earplugs when they go to a loud rock concert or work in an area that has a lot of heavy equipment. However, using earplugs in your day to day life is never a bad idea. You never know when you might be exposed to unhealthy decibel levels out in the world. For example, loud buses and cars, construction sites, and machinery can all contribute to hearing loss, even when you think you might be safe.

Keep music, movies, and television at a reasonable volume level

Next time you are tempted to blare your music or crank up the volume knob on the TV, remind yourself that exposure to excessive decibels can have enormous consequences on your hearing. For this reason, it is also wise to avoid using earbud-style headphones that are placed inside the ear. This style of headphones can be particularly harmful because it does not offer any layer between the sound and the cochlear structures. ENT doctors advise paying careful attention to the decibel levels that you permit as normal within your car, home, and other listening environments.

Have regular hearing tests

Whether you suspect that you have some level of hearing loss or not, it is important to visit ENT doctors for regular hearing tests. With routine tests, you can get a better picture of the current state of your hearing abilities. When problems are noticed, it reinforces taking the right steps and precautions to avoid further damage.

Even with the expert care and attention of ENT doctors, hearing loss continues to be quite a common occurrence in the United States. One in four people in the U.S. who are 65 and older struggle with disabling hearing loss. When you consider that hearing loss also begins at a much younger age, these figures skyrocket. Informing yourself about the common causes of hearing loss can help you stay on top of your hearing and avoid any unnecessary damage to the tender inner ear structures that maintain healthy, well-functioning hearing.

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