When To See An ENT

Our five senses help us navigate the world around us. When one of these senses isn’t working properly, it can greatly diminish our quality of living. You rely on these senses, so making sure they are at optimal performance is critical. Seeing an ear nose and throat (ENT) doctor can help restore problems involving hearing, swallowing, and speech as well as other related issues. When should you see an ENT? Here’s what you need to know about ear nose and throat doctors.

What’s An ENT?

An ENT is an ear nose and throat doctor also known as an otolaryngologist. They are medical doctors who are able to treat a wide variety of conditions ranging from a sinus headache to sleep apnea. They are also surgeons capable of performing highly delicate medical procedures such as removing blockages and cancers. Some ENTs can perform facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Their medical training is quite extensive, requiring at least five to eight years of post-graduate training beyond medical school.

Pediatric ENT Care

There are a few things to know when considering pediatric treatment from an ENT. Your child should be seen by an ENT if they consistently snore as this can be a sign of sleep apnea. Children can develop long term stuttering problems if they have been stuttering for more than six months. Visiting a pediatric ENT can prevent this from happening. If your child experiences frequent ear infections, an ENT can put in ear tubes if necessary to prevent future recurrence.

When To See An ENT

Certain conditions require you to see an ENT right away. You should make an appointment if you suffer an injury or experience nerve damage or pain to your ear, nose, or throat. You should also see a doctor if you have issues with breathing, dizziness, balance, swallowing, sore throat, or nose bleeds. ENTs can also treat complicated issues such as Down Syndrome, cleft palate, and speech impediments.

An ear nose and throat doctor can help you resolve many of the problems that diminish your five senses. Be sure to visit your primary doctor first to determine if an ENT is absolutely necessary to avoid costly medical bills. Taking care of your health should be your highest priority. Take care of any medical issues immediately to prevent them from snowballing into larger ones in the future.

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