The Importance of Safeguarding Yourself Against Hearing Loss

Did you know that surveys indicate that approximately 15% of adults aged above 18 years have some kind of hearing problem? According to ENT doctors, the two major causes of hearing loss include aging and noise. As you age, the cells in your inner ear degenerate to a point where they can’t pick sound vibrations. This can reduce your hearing capacity significantly. Similarly, loud sounds can damage these cells and lead to hearing loss. Restoring your hearing capacity is virtually impossible. The only remedial path that your ear nose and throat doctor may recommend is the use of a hearing aid equipment. Read on to get a glimpse of how to prevent hearing loss.

Wear protective equipment

Sometimes you may have to expose yourself to loud sounds. For instance, when using power drills or saws and other loud equipment you have to stay in close proximity to loud sounds. Most ENT doctors recommend that you should wear protective gear over your ears to muzzle the loud sounds and protect your ears from sound-related damage. You could also use ear-muffs or plugs, which reduce loud sounds by 15 to 30 decibels.

Avoid loud noise and music

When referring to loud, you may wonder how loud is too loud? Simply put, if you have to shout when communicating with someone close to you because you can’t hear each other, then that is too loud. As a result, your ears may be getting slowly damaged. Sounds from concert speakers, power drills and saws are often too loud and they should be avoided where possible.

Buy equipment with sound ranges that are ear-friendly

You should consider purchasing electronic devices and appliances with low noise ratings or with silencer enhancements that lower the noise that they produce while in use. If you also visit outdoor places with music you should ask your patrons or hosts to turn down the volume if it’s too loud.

Take care of the medication you use

There are approximately 200 drugs that are known to damage your hearing capacity. The drugs include cancer medication, some antibiotics, and even high doses of aspirin can do some damage. If you have to take a drug that may damage your hearing capacity, you should consult your ENT doctor.

Clean your ears well

If ear wax builds up in your ears, then you may experience a muffling effect. An irrigation kit is the ideal cleaning tool that can soften the wax and help you to gently wash it out. Avoid sharp objects or cotton swabs because they may damage your eardrum if you probe deep into your ear channel. If you’re nervous about cleaning your own ears, make sure you visit your ENT doctor to discuss solutions.

Get an ENT doctor to test your hearing

If you have problems hearing people that speak to you from a close distance or if you hear ringing sounds in your ear, then visit an ENT doctor to get a thorough medical examination.

To preserve your hearing, make sure you keep these tips in mind. Your ears and your ENT doctor will thank you.

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