Adult Tonsillectomy: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Tonsillectomy is the surgical removal of the tonsils, which are two oval-shaped pads of tissue at the back of the throat. This procedure was once very common and used to treat tonsil infections and inflammations — especially in children. Whenever children get their tonsils out, they get to take a break from school, have plenty of ice cream, and relax for a few days. When adults need a tonsillectomy, however, it’s a little more serious.

Here are some frequently asked questions about adult tonsillectomies:

  1. What are the main reasons to get a tonsillectomy? — A tonsillectomy is needed in order to treat chronic or severe tonsillitis, enlarged tonsils, bleeding tonsils, or other rare diseases of the tonsils. Additionally, this procedure can be used to treat sleep-disordered breathing issues.
  2. What is the recovery time for a tonsillectomy? — Recovery time for a tonsillectomy is usually between at least 10 days and two weeks. You could lose your voice for a little bit after the surgery, as well, but it should return to normal in two to six weeks. With proper care and rest, an adult should be able to bounce back after the procedure within the two-week timeframe.
  3. Are there any risks to tonsillectomies? — Like all surgeries, there are a few risks involved, including certain reactions to anesthetics, swelling of the tong and soft palate, bleeding during surgery or healing, and various infections.
  4. How can I prepare for a tonsillectomy? — Your best bet is speaking with ear nose and throat doctors (ENT). ENT doctors can help you prepare for any upcoming tonsillectomy and will help ease your nerves and anxieties, as well. Keep in mind, you’ll have to provide ENT doctors with a list of all the medications you regularly take, personal history of reactions to anesthetics, bleeding disorders, and known allergies.
  5. Is there anything I shouldn’t do before my tonsillectomy? — You should not take aspirin or other medications at least two weeks before your surgery. Additionally, try not to eat anything at least 12 hours before your tonsillectomy.

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