Allergen Avoidance Information

If you are allergic to the following things, here are a few helpful hints:


If you mow the yard, do not mow the same day that you receive your allergy injection. This would be like having a double dose of your medicine. Also, wear a surgical mask (can be purchased at any drug store). Take a shower afterward to get all the grass off.


Do not let the pet sleep in the same room.


Keep shower curtains and other bathroom surfaces dry and clean. Use mold-proof paint when possible. Check refrigerator, vaporizer, air conditioner, and central heating system for mold growth. Avoid damp and musty buildings. Avoid piles of dead grasses, weeds, and fallen leaves. Do not use a live or cut Christmas tree due to the mold in their bark. Do not keep plants in the bedroom.


  1. PENICILLIUM – Found on fruits, breads, cheese, and other foods.
  2. CLADOSPORIUM – Found in plants, leather, rubber, cloth, paper, and wood products.
  3. ASPERGILLUS – Soil fungus, often found on damp hay, Grain, sausage, and fruit.
  4. ALTERNARIA – Found on plants and plant material.
  5. MUCOR – Found on plant and in soil.


Found in house dust, mattresses, upholstery, heavy draperies, and mini blinds. Vacuum mattress once monthly. Put mattress cover over mattress and pillows and change bed linen once weekly. Do not keep stuffed animals in an allergic child’s bedroom. Avoid down comforters and heavy bedspreads; replace with woolen/ synthetic blankets.

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