Experiencing These 3 Symptoms? You May Have an Ear Infection

One in four people in the United States aged 65 and older struggle with disabling hearing loss. Hearing loss has a number of causes, but getting too many ear infections could contribute to your risk. Ear infections typically come with several symptoms, and if detected early enough, you can minimize damage to your ear canal and receive treatment from ENT doctors as quickly as possible. Here are just a few common symptoms of ear infections.

Ear Pain/Pressure

Experiencing pain and pressure in your ear is one of the most prevalent signs of an ear infection. The pain can range from a dull throbbing to a more severe pressure that also makes it difficult to hear. Left unchecked, the pain from ear infections can become unbearable. If you’re experiencing pain or pressure on the inside of one or even both of your ears, you should see an ENT in Frisco right away to diagnose the problem and find the right treatment.


Though a fever is your body’s normal response to many different types of germs and infections, many people don’t quite realize that they can also occur as a result of an ear infection. Usually, a fever itself is accompanied by other symptoms, some obvious and others less so. If you have a fever and don’t have any other obvious symptoms, or if you have a fever accompanied by ear pressure or pain, it’s time to see a team of ENT doctors to help diagnose your issue and get you treated.


Nausea and vomiting, believe it or not, could also be symptoms indicative of an underlying ear problem or infection. This is usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as the ones above, along with potential loss of balance and/or hearing. There’s no need to be immediately alarmed if nausea is your only symptom, but if it persists in combination with the symptoms above, if could be due to a problem in your ear. See an ENT in Frisco for treatment.

About 15% of adults ages 18 and older have some form of trouble hearing. There are many different types and signs of ear infections, and understanding how to determine whether you’re at risk is the best way to receive a quick diagnosis and treatment plan. For more information about ear nose and throat doctors, contact our team of Ear Nose and Throat specialists in Texas.

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