How To Protect Your Ears When You Travel This Winter

As countless people travel for the holidays, many will experience bitingly cold weather. If you’re one of the many people who enjoy the snow, here’s how to keep your ears safe from the cold.

Know how to recognize an infection

The cold can often result in feelings of pain in the ear, especially if you don’t wear a hat or earmuffs outside. Sometimes, however, the pain in your ear can be a result of the cold, an infection, or even both.

Ear infections become more common in the winter thanks to the higher levels of moisture that trap bacteria. If you experience pain or hearing loss after playing in the cold, visit your local ENT doctors in Plano TX quickly for treatment.

What is surfer’s ear?

When your ear is aggravated by the cold, ear ringing and hearing loss become more common. This is because of exostosis, otherwise known as surfer’s ear. Exostosis occurs when bone grows on top another bone in order to protect the inner ear from cold and wind. This can result in pain, tinnitus, and even hearing loss. Though it’s common among surfers who develop this condition to protect against cold water, anyone traveling in cold weather can develop exostosis. This differs from swimmer’s ear which typically clears up in seven to ten days. Often, the exostosis must be surgically removed by an experienced ENT doctor.

How to protect my ears this winter

You can protect your ears by wearing protective gear in the cold. Even though Texas is nice and warm, you should still keep a thick hat or pair of earmuffs in your closet in case you need to travel. You can supplement these items with a warm scarf. Keep these items as dry and clean as possible to avoid the accumulation of mildew and bacteria.

That means leaving moist hats out to dry and cleaning them often. Avoid tucking hats in the back of your closet and invest in a few different options to go with every outfit. When you have stylish options to choose from, you’re more likely to remember to wear it outside.

You should also visit a doctor the moment you experience issues with your hearing. Whether you’ve traveled somewhere cold for the holidays or you suspect something else is damaging your hearing, the ear nose and throat doctors in McKinney TX, Plano TX, and Frisco TX are here to help. Visit ENT Tex today.

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