Summer Tips ENT Doctors Swear By To Keep Their Patients in Good Health

Summer was made for embracing the outdoors— or going off on an unexpected adventure or two. It’s the perfect time to go hike, fish, swim, and bask in the sunlight.

So now that we’ve said our goodbyes to winter, it’s important to keep your health into consideration while doing all of your favorite summertime activities. Though exercise and healthy eating can keep your entire body in excellent shape, ENT doctors would argue that there’s a lot more involved than that.

Here are some good habits to implement this summer so you can keep your ears, nose, and throat healthy and avoid having to pay a visit to the ENT doctor nearest you.

Watch where you swim

Swimmer’s ear is an infection of the ear canal. Bacteria grows in the presence of moisture and can cause mild to intense discomfort and pain. Swimmers ear can also be caused by swimming waters that are contaminated, containing an already high level of bacteria.

To avoid the painful inflammation of swimmer’s ear, stick to swimming in pools and water parks— or any area that uses chlorine to purify the water— and be wary of swimming in lakes and rivers.

Clearing up an infection takes about a week, but it’s best to avoid infected waters completely. ENT doctors would recommend drying your ears right after getting out of the water. You can also go the extra mile and buy some water plugs to ensure your ears stay dry and infection free all summer long.

Limit your intake of alcohol

Drinking the occasional Piña Colada while you’re enjoying a beach vacation is completely acceptable, but heavy drinking can cause serious damage to your thyroid down the line. Think about limiting the amount you’re drinking and consider the negative impact it could have on your entire body. The thyroid gland regulates:

  • your metabolism
  • bone maintenance
  • heart function
  • your weight
  • brain development

ENT doctors warn their patients about serious thyroid problems such as thyroid cancer, and Graves’ disease. So if this worries you, try swapping out that summery drink for something non-alcoholic instead.

Watch the volume

Music festival season is upon us now that the weather is nice and warm. It’s easy to feel carefree while listening to your favorite band live, surrounded by friends. However, please don’t neglect your ears. Common exposure to loud sounds, such as the music found at festivals, can lead to hearing loss and tinnitus— a constant ringing in the ears. 15% of people over the age of 18 have trouble hearing, so with that in mind, take precautions before you leave for the grounds and bring some foam earplugs. Don’t miss out on all the action, but be sure to take breaks in between to give your hearing some TLC.

Shower when you get home

Summer allergies can be brutal. But one thing you can do to help ward off the agonizing congestion, sneezing, and stuffy nose is shower as soon as you get home. Showering helps rinse off the pollen on your body. Change into clean clothes and make a habit of washing your sheets more often. These little things can add up, but if your summer allergies are more severe, consider seeing an ENT doctor in your area.

An ENT doctor is here to help

These are just a few tips to think about while enjoying yourself this summer. But if you run into a serious issue, make an appointment with one of the ENT doctors in your area to address the concern. They are qualified to diagnose and provide treatment if you notice symptoms of a much bigger problem.

But if you feel like you’re in good health and have a long list of summer activities to do this year, remember — enjoy everything in moderation, stay active, and have a happy summer!


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